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Let’s Talk Shoes!

 The best part about running is that it doesn’t require a whole lot of extras. The main ingredient to a good run lies in your feet. Let’s take a look at how, where, & how often to purchase running shoes!

Baker's Dozen of Brooks Adrenaline!

(This is what it looks like when I clean out closets at my house.)

Shoes are PRETTY darn important when it comes to running.  If you’re new to the sport, or recently coming off an injury and hitting the pavement again, it’s advisable to go to a PT or running store and ask someone to analyze your stride.  With this information, they’ll recommend the best shoe for you. Equipped with this knowledge you’re ready to shop! 

1. Check out your local running store. Ask about frequent buyer plans.  Many times they’ll give you a punch card that will allow you to reap the benefits after you spend a certain amount. It’s nice to walk in the door and be able to talk with someone who you know really knows running.   Plus, you’re shopping locally!

2. Go online.  There are a HOST of sites where you can find great deals on shoes –  from Zappos to Amazon to running specific sites.  My favorite is Road Runner Sports. If you become a VIP member of Road Runner Sports,  not only can you get a hefty VIP discount, you’ll enjoy the site’s easy, no questions return policy and their faster than lightning delivery service!


3. Consider buying two pairs of shoes at the same time, and alternating them.  This way, you are not pounding on the same shoe run after run. You’re rotating the wear and tear between two shoes. Which leads to a common question… how often should you change your shoes?  My rule of thumb is to first always listen to your body. Are your shins or feet hurting more than usual? Usually, there are mini-signs that indicate that the support on your feet isn’t quite up to par any longer.  Next, calculate the mileage of your current shoes.  This is the point where I kick myself for not keeping better records.  Ideally, it’s best to write down the date you purchase shoes someplace so you can refer to it later. I’ve heard many different theories on the number of miles that indicate it’s time to replace shoes, but the most frequent answer I’ve heard is every 300 miles.

4. Good shoes all around!  Don’t forget that the shoes you wear when you’re not running are important too. As I write this, my closet full of wedges and heals is calling out behind me, “Runnerchica is a hypocrite…” Now, I’m not going to give up my cute shoes, but I’ve learned that my feet and body feel better when I have “sensible” (but cute) shoes whenever I’m doing a lot of walking.  The good news is there are tons of options for stylish and fun shoes that won’t sideline your running or make you a “Glamour Don’t.”  Try googling “cute shoes that won’t kill your feet” or something clever like that and shop away.

5. The truth about shoes (otherwise known as what to remind yourself or whoever pays the credit card bill)  Remember that while purchasing running shoes and comfortable shoes can be expensive, they are actually an investment in your health.  To keep your body injury free, you need the proper tools. Shoes are perhaps your most important tool.  Choose wisely, and you reduce the possibility of being sidelined due to injury. This means you’ll be maintaining an active lifestyle where you are happy and healthy, and in motion.  Happy feet, happy life!


Got a running tip or a product to review?

A great place online or off to buy cool stuff?  

Tell me about it!

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