AIRIA ONE Running Shoes!

AIRIA ONE Running Shoes… a new shoe, a new concept, all the way from Sweden. 

Airia One Running Shoe

A few months ago, I was contacted by a rep from Airia One asking me if I wanted to try their shoes and write about them on my blog.  She wrote that these shoes would help me run faster.  Shoes from Sweden (how cool!) that would help me run faster. Did I want to try them? Of course I did!

Prior to receiving the shoes, I did some research on what was coming.  The website ( said that, “Airia One helps 8 out of 10 to run faster regardless of their current level or running style.” I liked the sound of that, but wondered a few things-

1. Just what makes this company feel they can make this claim? What was so special about their shoes that 8 out of 10 runners would improve?  A video on the site explained:

2. I wondered what the shoes would look like and if they would be dangerous to try in the middle of marathon training. For me, that’s always the snafu. I am paranoid to try new shoes for fear I’ll injure myself with shoes that aren’t right for my feet.  Again, I checked out their website for details.  I learned that a lot of research went into the design of these shoes that are dedicated to quite simply, making you run faster.  Check out the history of the company! Still, even with all of the research, I was skeptical.  Would these “fast” shoes pose a risk to my limbs?

3. I decided to wait and see what the shoes looked like, and would assess them at that point.  When they arrived in the mail, I was happy to see cool packaging carrying the fancy Swedish shoes.  Upon opening the box, I found a letter from the company that addressed my concerns about any danger involved with trying new shoes, and instructions on how to use them.  (Don’t you just lace them up and go? Nope.)


In a nutshell, they suggested the following tips:

*  Since the Airia One alters one’s biomechanical running pattern, take it easy on the first few runs to see how your body responds.  Listen to your body and take care.

*  The directions warned that the shoes might feel a little odd when they are first put on- unlike anything you’ve experienced before.  They advised not to make any judgements until one has run a 10K in them, and also warned that these shoes are NOT made for walking… or standing for that matter. Airia One are solely designed for running.

* After reading these tips, I wondered just how these shoes worked.  The directions told me to let the shoe work for me. They suggested to try and relax and let the shoe geometry work for and not against you, and create a “silent stride with a rolling feel to it.”



Well, I followed the instructions, and do agree that the shoes are unlike anything I’ve tried.  Because I am in the midst of marathon training, I’m putting them on my shelf until after the race, and then will dedicate some serious miles to them and see if I do run faster.  If one takes it easy at first and listens to any bodily warning signs, I do think the shoes are worth a try- the company research and testimonials make me want to run in them more.  Plus, they’ve got a good look- a slick, white shoe with flashy colors and a retro feel.  Plus, I think they look very European, which always makes things feel extra cool.

If you’d like to give running faster a shot, I suggest you look into the Airia One running shoe.  Check out their site, watch the video, and then try them yourself if you think they’re right for you.

Happy Running!

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